A new independent web portal comes into existence.


Dear Friends all over the World,

A new independent web portal comes into existence.

Welcome all our friends worldwide.

If you wish to establish business or cultural relations with Poland we shall be glad to help you.

Welcome Poles (Polonia) and people of Polish descent, wherever you live on our planet. Let’s stay in touch.

The phrase: „Jesteśmy Tu” can be interpreted as „We are (down) Here„. The logo refers to shape of Poland and location of the capital city – Warsaw. Applied colours (shades of red and white) are national colours of Poland.

It means also full conscioussness of our location, geopolitical constraints, neighbours, European Community …

Doing our best to grasp the most important features of business and life we are open to social and economical problems as well as life style, science and technology, religions ….

We are bloggers and citizen journalists with an experience.

The main principle is freedom of speech. Our articles happen to be inconvenient for establishment and oligarchy. There are subject which are unsaid by mainstream media. Our texts are sometimes being recognized as politically incorrect. However we dare to publish even those, we do not agree with. Personal right to independent opinion is assumed to be a fundamental rule.

Please feel invited. Do not hesitate to contact us 🙂

With our best regards


the editorial team